Open Journal of Medicine

ISSN: 2174-680X

How (/Why) is Open Journal of Medicine so different?

  1. It's ultra fast
    Really fast. Indeed we are the fastest scientific journal to get your articles published. Articles in OJM are published within a day.
  2. Peer review is after acceptance
    You are your best reviewer. If you think your manuscript deserves publication, go ahead. Then we´ll ask peers to review your work.
  3. All findings are supported by open data
    100% of our research articles are published with their full datasets. Data can be viewed and downloaded easily, and is accessible for computational mining.
  4. All good science is accepted
    We love ground-breaking science, but we also accept any science that can be of use to the life sciences community including null and negative results, case reports, and reviews.
  5. Make your work visible quickly
    No more frustrating delays with the peer review process.
  6. Respond to your individual peer reviewers and revise your article  
  7. Know who your reviewers were. Get the chance to directly address their comments and the option to publish a revised version of your article.    
  8. Help the wider scientific community  
    Your data can be viewed and downloaded easily, allowing others to draw new conclusions and advance scientific knowledge.    
  9. Get credit for a wider range of work   
    Along with traditional articles, we also accept article types that can be hard to publish elsewhere. You earn citations, and making your work public helps prevent duplication and wasted effort.
  10. Self publish
    In our innovative publishing system all manuscripts received meeting the standards are accepted directly in the version provided by authors.
  11. Open access for free
    As articles are published in the submitted version, authors do not incur in article processing charges or submission charges so publishing is completely free.
  12. Indexed and archived
    Articles receive a DOI, are indexed in GoogleScholar, SHERPA, DeepDive and ProQuest among others, and are archived in LOCKSS and Medbrary.


For starting a new submission use the Submissions page. First you should have prepared your manuscript according to the Guidelines for authors and our template.