Disclaimer on "Chocolate with High Cocoa Content as a Weight-Loss Accelerator"

Weeks ago a manuscript that had been submitted to the journal International Archives of Medicine, entitled "Chocolate with High Cocoa Content as a Weight-Loss Accelerator", accidentally appeared online for some days. Indeed that manuscript was finally rejected and never published as such.

This is how it all happened: we received this manuscript by email as a pre-submission one Wednesday. On Thursday, iMed.pub's CEO replied the author saying that we have accepted the manuscript for peer-review. He put in Cc the publications manager as usually. She (the publications manager) understood the manuscript had already undergone peer-review and had been accepted to be published, so she sent it to the typesetter.  Next Monday we realized the article was online and we removed it immediately. Days later, the manuscript was rejected by the editorial board. However, the "author" started claiming that it had been accepted, even when he received a rejection letter. 

We are sorry for the inconvenience. We are taking measures to prevent this kind of mistakes from happening again.